The Purpose of a Letter to City Council

City Council has the final say on whether or not the proposed multi-use development can proceed. (Click here and scroll down to bottom of page for a detailed overview of the zone change process). There will be zoning hearings, because CIG is asking for a significant change in zoning for the proposed apartment complex, and a hearing before the planning commission, but if CIG gets over those hurdles, City Council must finally give its verdict. We want to make certain that they’ve heard our concerns and understand just how negative the impact of the proposed plan will be on the neighborhoods adjacent to the planned development.

Step 1: Write your own letter or use form link below. Examples of personal letters from citizens are listed at bottom of page for more examples. Click here for the form letter

Step 2: Email Letter to each of the 9 Council Members

David Mann

Amy Murray

Chris Seelbach

P.G. Sittenfeld

Christopher Smitherman

Wendell Young

Tamaya Dennard

Greg Landsman

Jeff Pastor


The Tone of Your Letter

This is, for every one of us, a personal issue, and it is important that the letter you send sounds like it’s coming from a real person. At the same time, what makes this such an important issue, and one that’s worthy of City Council’s consideration, is that each of our personal concerns is shared by our neighbors. It’s not just my family that is threatened by the traffic congestion that the planned development will create, or the safety issues, or the decline in the value of our home, or the sheer ugliness of the proposed buildings; those issues are felt by all of our neighbors, in our own neighborhood and adjoining neighborhoods. So, at one and the same time, you want to be heard speaking from the heart, and you want to make it clear that your concerns are for the wider community, and for Cincinnati’s reputation as a uniquely livable city.

Neighbor Example Letter (1)

Neighbor Example Letter (2)